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Match result
Betting on a match result is when you make a straight bet on the outcome of a game and either bet on a home win (1), a draw (X) or an away win (2) over regular time (including injury time, but not extra time).
Example: if you place a bet on the home team (1) and the game ends up in, let’s say, a 2-1 scoreline, your bet wins.

Home or Draw (1X)
Your bet will win if the home team (1st team) wins or the match ends in a draw.

Draw or away (X2)
Your bet wins if the away team (2nd team) wins or it’s a draw.

Half Time Result (1X2)
The outcome of the game where you can also bet on a home win (1), a draw (X) or an away win (2). But this time, only the first half of the regular time of the game (including injury time) is considered.
Example: you have placed your bet on the first half to end in a draw (X). This prediction wins when the halftime score is either 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, etc.

Double Chance
This type of bet allows you to play on a double bet, with one team to either win or draw (1X and X2), or for one of both teams to win the match (12). This bet increases your chances of winning, but it naturally comes with a lower odd.
Example: You have picked the away team to either win or draw the game (X2). If it ends in 2-2 for example, the game finished as a draw (X) and is a winning bet.

Just like the name says, with this bet you can bet on whether there will be more (Over) or less (Under) goals in the game above or beneath a certain amount that you select. The betting line that is mostly used in this situation is Over/Under 2.5 goals.
Example: You put a bet on a match to have at least 3 goals (Over 2.5). If the game ends 2-1, your bet is a winner.

Home/Away Team goals Over/Under
Besides betting on the total amount of goals in a match, you can also put a bet on how many goals one of the teams will score. It works about the same as the Over/Under bet, but this time you need to pick the home or away team to score above or under a certain selected amount of goals.
Example: You predict the away team to score over 1.5 goals. The match finishes 1-3, which makes it a winning bet.

Both to Score (Yes)
With this betting option, one can either bet on both teams to score a goal in the match (BTS Yes) or on just one team or neither side to score (BTS No).
Example: You have placed a bet on Both To Score: Yes. The game ends in a 2-2 draw, so you win the bet.

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