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Option 1 – Deposit at our shops

  1. Go to any of our Luckybet shops to be assisted by a cashier.
  2. Give your cellphone number and the amount you wish to deposit to the cashier.
  3. After the cashier verifies your details your account will be credited instantly and you can then start betting.

Option 2 – Make an Electronic Transfer

  1. Send money to 081-7273025 via E-wallet, Easy-wallet.
  2. Send the proof of payment to 081-7273025 and your account will be credited within a couple of minutes.
  3. Reload your page and start betting.

Option 3 – Deposit into our bank account

Bank: FNB – First National Bank
Name: Luckybet Entertainment cc
Account No: 62274461880
Branch: 281173, Oshakati

Send the proof of payment with your name and cellphone number to 0817273025.
You will receive a verification message once the agent confirms your payment.

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