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Choose your favourite teams from our fixtures list, which you will find in the Luckybet Shops. Make one, two or more predictions and win up to N$ 250 000.

Option 1- Inshop Betting
  1. Collect a paper from the shop agent and correctly write down the game code number and all your predictions on the paper. e.g. 51: 1X; 1: 1X2; 14:1; 1:2; see pictucre.
  2. Give the paper with your predictions to the Shop Agent to place a bet for you.
  3. Receive your bet ticket and please keep it safe.

Option 2 – Online Betting
  1. Click on Bet Online click on register to create your Luckybet online account, enter your details as required.

  2. Log into your Luckybet account by entering your Username (phone number) and Password.

  3. Select on the teams you wish to bet on.

  4. Select your bet predictions.

  5. In the ‘stake’ field, type the amount you wish to bet (e.g. N$5)

  6. Click on ‘Place Bet’.

    Note: you will see a receipt for all of the bets you place. You can view all of your receipts and track the outcomes by clicking on ‘Bet Log’.

    For more information please contact us on 081-7273025

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