1. General
LuckyBet is providing a platform to receive international sports betting opportunities. Bets are taken and wins are paid out by Franchise LuckyBet stores. The win can only be claimed from the same store where the bet was placed.

2. Amounts
The minimum bet amount is N$5 (Five Namibian Dollars) per bet slip. The maximum win amount is N$100 000 N$ per bet slip. All bets are taken and paid out in the Nambian currency only.

3. Minimum Age
All players have to be at least 18 years or older. The Luckybet team is requested and authorized to ask for an ID or other age verification documents.

4. Betting Slips
When placing a bet, you will receive a betting slip. Suppose a customer wins, the original betting slip has to be presented to the cashier, which will be scanned and then won amount will be paid out. In very less cases, (see article 5 + 6) the on the ticket printed amount can be different from the actual won amount.

5. Cancelling of Games
If a game is cancelled or postponed (to more than 24 hours) for any reasons such as weather conditions, virus infections, illness, etc. The game will be not considered in the bet calculations. This means if only one bet was placed, the stake will be refunded. If more bets are on the ticket the other bets will still be valued. A postponed game will be listed for future betting if the date is fixed. In case any technical or administrative issues are encountered, the LuckyBet team has the right to cancel a game even if the match has officially taken place.

6. Changing of odds values
In very few cases, it can be necessary to change the value of single odds. This can happen because of technical failure or drastic changes in a team or game cancellation. In this case the betting ticket will be recalculated with the latest odds, hence the printed multiplications on the ticket will differ from the system values in case the amounts in the system are the valid ones.

7. 90 Minutes bets
All bets placed are for 90 minute games. This means if the market you are betting on will be resulted after 90 minutes and will not include extra-time or penalties. However, it does include stoppage time added by the referee for injuries, fouls etc.